Consultation Services

HMHC Mental Health Consultation Services

HMHC Mental Health Consultation Services

Our consultation model is based on the successful execution of the Illinois model for IECMHC and is composed of four service levels: child/family; classroom/home; programmatic; and community.

Our services are designed to be collaborative, preventative, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive and relationship-based, and will focus on building the capacity of professionals, other caregivers, programs, and communities to support and strengthen children’s social and emotional development and school readiness.

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Consultation Services

Child Family Level

Child/Family Level

Addressing an individual child’s mental health, emotional well-being, or behavior concerns while supporting parent and/or caregiver’s emotional well-being and mental health.

Our consultants will work with professionals and family members to understand and respond effectively to a child’s needs through:

  • Classroom observation
  • Screening and assessment
  • Gathering, sharing, and coordinating information
  • Guiding, supporting, and reflecting
  • Sharing strategies
  • Referral to additional services as needed
Classroom / Home Level Icon

Classroom/Home Level

Addressing variables such as attitudes, beliefs, biases, and practices in the home or classroom that may be impacting relationships among professionals, children in their care, and their families.

Our consultants will collaborate with staff and family members to:

  • Facilitate reflective supervision and consultation for staff
  • Observe, model, and share helpful resources
  • Foster and advise on co-development of plans and strategies
  • Support family engagement
Programmatic Level

Programmatic Level

Providing support to improve the overall quality of infant and child-based programs by focusing on multiple issues affecting the quality, climate, and equity of an early care and education setting.

Our consultants will work with the program staff to:

  • Facilitate reflective consultation and leadership support
  • Support policy and programmatic changes/developments
  • Work to solve global issues that affect more than one child, family, or staff member
  • Facilitate/support strategic planning
  • Help to develop and provide staff training and staff wellness activities
  • Support family resource nights
Community Level

Community Level

Assisting organizations, systems, and communities to improve social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes through partnership, collaboration, and coordination.

Our consultants will work with community leaders and organizations to:

  • Increase outreach and engagement related to Infant Mental Health (IMH), IECMHC, other related topics
  • Link families, groups, and organizations
  • Support cultural awareness, responsiveness, and celebration
  • Facilitate training and education for families and the broader community
  • Track community needs to inform larger system improvements
  • Connect families to events and opportunities for recreation and community participation

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