Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation services provided by Healthy Minds Healthy Children Consultants are free! There is no cost to you or your program.

Once your request for consultation is submitted, you will be assigned a consultant within 7 working days. Read More

HMHC is currently available in the Milwaukee and Southeast regions of the state (Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, & Waukesha County). The program aims for services to be available to the Northern and Southern Regions in early 2024, and the Western and Northeastern Regions in late summer 2024. HMHC follows this regional map when designing service provision and expansion:

Sites are asked to be available for a minimum of 10-12 hours/month for 12-24 months (about 2 years); this timeframe depends on the needs for consultation that are identified during the assessment process.

HMHC consultation is currently available to licensed, center and home-based early care and education providers.

No, currently there is no waitlist. Should there be a waitlist, this will be communicated to you at the time you submit the request for consultation. The program makes every effort to ensure that services are provided in a timely manner.

Yes, in order to request a consultation for a specific child, they would need to be enrolled in a licensed home-based or center based childcare program. At this time, HMHC is only available to early care and education providers and programs.

If your child is having an emergent mental health crisis, please call 911, go to your local emergency room, or visit Children’s Wisconsin’s Yabuki Walk-in Clinic for children five or over. For less urgent issues, please visit our Resources page, talk to your pediatrician, or call IMPACT 211.

Though engaging in these services does not guarantee this, research shows that mental health consultation services greatly decrease the risk of suspension and expulsion and increase provider’s capacities to meet the social, emotional and mental health needs of children in their care.

HMHC Consultants do not work directly with children, rather they support the adults who work with children ages 0-5. If there is a child-specific request submitted for your child, the consultant will engage you (this child’s legal guardians) to obtain consent for consultation and gather more information about the concerns. For more information about this level of consultation, please visit the Consultation Services page.

Consultants will engage the parents or guardians when there is a child-specific request for consultation made. Consent will be obtained for consultation services provided specific to the child. Parents or guardians’ involvement during the course of child-specific consultation is extremely valuable and important to the overall success of consultation and to meeting the needs of the child.

The HMHC approach is designed to meet with your site’s leadership team to share more about our services and the benefits to the children and families you serve. Our approach is not designed to be punitive towards providers, and this is discussed with leadership when introducing HMHC to support their engagement and collaboration.

If you’re already receiving Technical Assistance or coaching from another organization, that is wonderful! Our consultants will ask about this, and please be sure to share with them who else is supporting you. You will be able to invite those partners to an introductory meeting with HMHC so that everyone can be clear on who is doing what, and how each service can collaborate to best support the providers. Mental health consultation provided by HMHC is specialized, unique, and different from other TA or coaching services, so please know that if you’re receiving other TA, HMHC could still be extremely beneficial to you and your providers.

Yes! Please call 414-865-6608 to speak directly with our Referral Specialist or email with your questions.

Please see this document that outlines the key differences between the two.

Please fill out a request here or call our Referral Specialist at 414-865-6608.

Should you connect with us to find out if HMHC is a good fit, you are under no obligation to proceed with services. We are happy to share with you what we do and how it could work for your program. We will try our best to connect you with a resource that is better suited for your needs.

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